Google to introduce new settings for enhanced smart features!

Google is trying to give more control to users by rolling out multiple new settings for smart features. With the help of such features, the users are enabled to save data while unveiling more about new tools.

Several smart features are going to be introduced; some include the smart compose and smart reply. The users can experience convenience while handling their smartphone, and these incredible features can help them save time as well. Moreover, there are several more informative facts that we all need to know; take a look below for the big reveal.

Essential information to know about the new features that are about to get introduced by google:-

  • Google is about to roll out the new setting and better controls for the smart features that are available in Gmail. On the other hand, the authorities have noticed that the smart features’ ability isn’t new anymore. This is the reason that they are introducing several more enhanced features that can enable the users to experience the convenience while using them. 
  • With the help of the latest updated features, the users are enabled to turn off the smart feature as well. They can do this thing separately, such as a feature that can be applicable in Gmail, chat, and Google meet as well. 
  • There is the fact that we all need to know that the new settings have been designed to deduct the working hustle, and the users are enabled to manage the things easily. Google has recently rolled out that the automatic delete feature will be there for the new users. This feature can quickly delete the eighteen months of useless user’s data without causing any trouble. 
  • Google has also stated that the users are going to get better controls and enhanced features that can elevate their experience. The new controls and the smart features are making sure that the users are going to become fond of phenomenal features and functions offered by it. 
  • Gmail’s smart features include the tabbed inbox, automatic email filtering, summary cards, smart compose, smart reply, and many more. The users are going to get the suggestions as well before they write the entire message as well. Isn’t this amazing!
  • These are the features that are being introduced to serve users with convenience, and they will become eligible enough to use significant amounts of data. These are the trusted features that you can turn back on anytime without hustling a lot. These are the features that will be rolled out super soon, and the users are about to get the notification regarding it.


Google is about to introduce several new, smart, and innovative features, but most importantly, they are going to get the users with convenience. They are capable of turning them on and off easily without facing any issues and such smart features have made sure that the users are going to experience ease. Such features will be present for Gmail, chat, Google meet, and more.

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