Three particular points about the present condition of the farmer protest in India!

It is a farmer who manages all the sort of things related to the eatable items we consume in our day to day life to stay healthy. Unfortunately, because of the few regions nowadays, many farmers do not have a good life, especially in the Indian country where the authorities of the same country come with new laws, which is totally against the farmers’ farewell. That is why they all started to protest against the evil from the central government of the Indian country.

The leading cause of protest is that most of the farmer’s things that the new law is not suitable for their agriculture procedures will become a slave of the Industrialist like Ambani and Adani. Many economists and famous agriculturalists also think the same and wanted to change the law as soon as possible by the Indian government authorities.

Presently, there is a new protest going on the streets of the Indian country, especially in the states of Haryana and Punjab, where most of the farmers are doing their level best to live their life with agriculture procedures.

Constant efforts

  1. Most of the farmers in the Punjab and Haryana areas try their level best to remove the law as soon as possible but unfortunately, they are still suffering, and the Indian government is not ready to take the law back. But farmers are not losing any hope. They are continually doing their protest on the specific areas to give the Indian government authorities a great message to back the law as soon as possible.
  2. Many famous personalities are also ready to take part in the protest against the Indian government where they all think that it is essential for us to provide every kind of relief to the agriculture people who do their level best to provide all the excellent eatable items from which human Civilization stay alive and healthy.
  3. We also must provide every kind of relief to them and provide every kind of assistance they warned to live their lives happily with their traditional agriculture working on the areas. However, few governments like Punjab and other non-BJP States also give every kind of help to the farmers of the Indian country and want to take back the law as soon as possible by the Indian government.


  1. If you want to get all the best of the latest updates for the Indian farmer’s protest against the new agriculture law, then you need to visit the YouTube channels where plenty of a person’s regularly uploading this amount of knowledge about the present condition of Indian farmers protest.
  2. Many famous news anchors providing all the related news, which we need to know to get the present condition of the Indian farmers and to have them with their money and another sort of thing. These are the few things you need to know about the Indian farmer’s protest regularly happen in the specific areas of the Punjab and Haryana.
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