What Happens When Mercury Goes Retrograde?

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You’ve likely heard that Mercury retrograde is linked to the 4444 angel number meaning. Mercury is the planet that governs communication and all activities related to it. This includes travel, automobiles and shipping.

It is not moving forward, contrary to what it sounds. It is simply slowing as it catches Earth up, just like when a faster runner laps another slower runner on the track.


Mercury is the ruler of all forms communication – writing, speaking, reading – as well as contracts and negotiations. Mercury also rules travels, automobiles, and shipping. Mercury retrograde is a good time to pay attention to communication and review new contracts before you sign.

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Mercury retrograde allows you to complete old projects. It’s better to wait until Mercury is direct before you start a new project. “Starting something new during Mercury’s retrograde is asking for trouble,” Nicols warns. “You might get tripped by little things like sending the wrong email.”

The next Mercury retrograde is scheduled to begin on April 24 and last until April 30. But if you plan ahead and kick it old school by keeping a hard copy of your schedule and to-do list, Nicols and Worth say you can sail through this period relatively unscathed. Also, try to spend a few hours every day without using any technology and focus on face-to-face communication with friends and family.


Astrologers agree that Mercury appears to move backward every 3 to 4 weeks. It’s just an optical illusion created by Earth passing through Mercury orbit in the sky.

During this period, communication and travel may seem a bit haywire. Mercury retrograde is the reason astrologers advise people to avoid starting new projects and signing contracts. If you prepare well and make the right choices, this time can be exciting and productive.

Mercury is the master of all things related to communication and transportation. It’s no surprise that some people think Mercury is responsible for a lot mishaps. The phenomenon is blamed for everything, from car accidents to DMs sent to the wrong person. Mercury retrograde is also blamed for lost luggage and letters.

In reality, you can minimize the effects of these events. It is important to be flexible, patient and understanding. This is also a good time to practice self-care and mindfulness. Do not be afraid to cancel or reschedule meetings.

You should also plan ahead and double-check your itinerary. During Mercury retrograde it is not uncommon for airlines and airports to experience delays and cancellations. Be sure to keep extra snacks and water handy. It’s also a good idea that you bring your chargers for electronics with you. You can never be too careful, especially when it comes to computers and high tech items.

Booking your accommodation and making reservations in advance is essential if you are planning a vacation during Mercury retrograde. This will allow you to avoid the worst traffic, weather and delays. Additionally, it’s a good idea to pack light and bring an extra phone charger. You should also carry a small road map in case you get lost.

While Mercury is in retrograde, it’s important to remember that this does not mean that you should give up on your goals and dreams. Take this time to work on yourself and reconnect with your inner guidance. And, most importantly, don’t forget to eat well and get plenty of rest.


Mercury, named after the Greek god of messengers, goes retrograde 3 to 4 times a year. Believers in astrology, which has no scientific basis, say that the planet turning backwards can lead to travel delays, miscommunications and sending the wrong email.

Today, we rely heavily upon electronic devices and their information. Astrostyle says that when Mercury is retrograde it’s best not to buy new technology, and to save important files or back up your computer. It’s a good idea, too, to try and communicate as much as you can through phone calls and face-to-face conversations rather than emails or text messages. This is particularly true at work, where mistakes are costly.


Mercury is in charge of many things that occur in our modern lives, from email and press conferences to shipping labels and forms. So, when this little planet goes retrograde it can throw a wrench in our day-to-day lives.

As Mercury rules communication, the fogginess of Mercury retrograde can throw us for a loop when it comes to relationships. You might find yourself arguing with your partner more or misinterpreting texts meant to be sweet and kind.

Mercury retrograde can also bring up people or situations from the past. This could be a chance to run into an old friend or reconnect with an ex.

However, it’s not all bad news. This is a great time to review the key areas of your life and rework them to better serve you moving forward.

You and your partner can discuss money problems or start a new relationship. Now is the time to find a solution. The same is true for fitness and health. You can rework them to align with your future vision and set them up for a successful outcome once Mercury returns to direct.

You may want to take a moment and re-evaluate how much energy you are putting into each area of your daily life. Once the fog has cleared, you can maintain balance in all areas.

Ultimately, the best advice for dealing with the confusion of Mercury retrograde is to place accuracy over urgency and strip down to the basics. Take a breath and realize that those texts you send to your friend might not look as they do at first.

Also, choose your battles wisely and let minor irritations go. Mercury might be the one speaking, not you. Last but not least, avoid buying anything expensive when Mercury is retrograde. If you do, you might regret it later. Buying at this time can lead to frustration, particularly if you find that the item is not in stock or doesn’t work. Earn money while learning about mercury, play simple and interactive betting games at ONCAPAN.

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