Detroit Twang

Long before Motown put Detroit music on the map, country was king in the Motor City. So say the guys behind a new book about Detroit’s long-forgotten country music heritage. From the “barn dances” where autoworkers cut loose after work, to the city’s strip clubs, “hillbilly” music was the soundtrack. Hell, even Henry Ford got in on the act. Earlier this week, we chatted with Keith…
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Dave Jordano’s Detroit

In all the photography that’s come out of Detroit in the past few years, we’ve yet to find someone like photographer Dave Jordano. Born in 1948 into what he calls the typical “GM family,” Dave was a suburban kid who cut his teeth shooting streetlife in Detroit in the…

What the Hell is Happening in Detroit?

It’s hard to believe a year has gone by since our last sit-down with John Gallagher, veteran Free Pressreporter and our favorite big thinker when it comes to the state of Detroit. For sure, it’s been an eventful year: Since last spring, Detroit became the largest city to…