White Hurricane

It reads like the tale of theTitanictimes a factor of at least a dozen. Freighters thought invulnerable to the weather cracked in two. Hundreds of sailors drowned. Sad farewell messages tucked inside glass bottles washed up on Lake Superior beaches. The “White Hurricane,” a cataclysmic storm which pounded Michigan 100 years ago this week, was quite simply the biggest, deadliest…
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Big Heads

Frightening and beautiful, they’re known simply as the “Big Heads” to longtime Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade-goers. In fact, these giant papier-mâché puppets date back to the origins of the parade itself. ome are pirates. Some are Martians. Some are animals. And…

In Defense of Curling

Every four years, curling is the punching bag of the Olympics. A night at the Detroit Curling Club, one of the oldest in the U.S., might teach you some respect. think that anyone who watches hockey is inclined to at least give curling the benefit of the doubt. I remember…